Dr. Kimberly Brown

Dr. Kimberly Brown is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist and founder of San Jose Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Kimberly Brown has been practicing medicine since 2005 and is currently accepting new patients at San Jose Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Brown has a passion for hormone balancing, which started when she saw her mother develop a panic disorder from menopausal hormone changes. That was in the 1990s and hormone treatments were very basic back then. The Premarin patch that her mother was given helped with the hot flashes but did nothing for the anxiety and panic.

Her mother eventually was given anti anxiety medications which cured the panic but caused depression and lack of motivation. Dr. Kimberly Brown thought there had to be a better way, which sparked her interest in natural ways of treating menopause.

Dr. Kimberly Brown - Naturopathic Doctor - San Jose Integrative Medicine

As a student, Dr. Kimberly Brown’s graduate thesis was on herbal alternatives to Premarin. After graduation, she received training in bioidentical hormones from the A4M https://www.a4m.com/ and Dr. Tori Hudson’s Institute of Women’s Medicine http://instituteofwomenshealth.com/. Dr. Brown has since been able to help many women smoothly transition through perimenopause and menopause.

Menopause is not Dr. Brown’s only interest. Balancing women’s hormones is important from adolescence on. For optimal health, Dr. Kimberly Brown works with women to balance adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones. Treating hypothyroidism is also a particular interest of Dr. Brown’s simply because hypothyroidism can be so mismanaged. Conventional medicine relies too much on outdated lab values and not enough on patient’s symptoms. Many conventional doctors refuse to prescribe natural thyroid medications.

Another interest to Dr. Kimberly Brown is gastrointestinal issues but not out of choice! Dr. Brown picked up a bug while in China 25 years ago and was sick for months. Dr. Brown believes she had SIBO, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, because what saved her gut was no gluten, no dairy, no sugar…basically a LOW FODMAP diet. The relief she found with diet convinced Dr. Brown of the power our food choices have over our health.

Dr. Kimberly Brown has always been active since she decided to be an Olympic skater and gymnast at age 3. Being too tall and having flat feet ended those aspirations but she continued to be active playing competitive sports through school and then learning Irish step dancing. Years of dancing and sports injuries have taken their toll fueling Dr. Brown’s interest in pain management. Resolving pain is important so we can stay active. Being active is not only important for present health but in preserving vitality and wellness as we age.

Recently, Dr. Kimberly Brown completed her first cycling tour of the Croatian Islands. Cycling is an acquired love inspired by an 80 year old acquaintance who cycles her years in miles every birthday. This 80 year old woman is sharp in mind, quick in step, and her recent physical found her to be 100% healthy.

Outside of practicing medicine and cycling, Dr. Brown loves to travel. Catching that gut bug in China didn’t stop her! She has studied Spanish in Guatemala, literature in London, worked in an Irish pub, swam with the seals in the Galapagos, worked a farm in Finland, traveled on the Trans Siberian railway, and taught English to Burmese refugees in Thailand. She loves being outside, hiking and walking on the beach, and growing her own food from her backyard vegetable garden. Dr. Brown has no children but loves her fur babies; one big black rescue dog and 3 adopted outdoor cats.

Dr. Kimberly Brown is originally from San Jose, California and graduated from UC Berkeley and NUNM.

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