Flax seeds

Flax seeds

Flax seeds

At our clinic, we love to recommend patients to include ground flax seeds to their diets.   

Flax seeds are high in lignans and alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which are considered natural cancer-protective compounds.  They are also high in fiber promoting regular bowel movement and therefore, beneficial in the fight of colon cancer.

Even though whole flax seeds have a higher fiber content, the ground flax seeds are easier to digest and the one that works best.

Here are some key points to remember about your flax seeds:

– Consume 2-4 tablespoons of ground flax seeds per day – add it to salads, stews, smoothies or soups
Keep refrigerated or in the freezer at all times
Do not grind whole seeds until ready to use
– Bottles of flax oil only have a 4 week shelf life – so buy the smallest bottle possible

Flax oil is high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

This means that it can help with any inflammatory problem.  So, if you have arthritis, muscle aches & pains or heart disease, you can try flax oil.   Studies have shown that flax oil can reduce inflammation by as much as 30%. 

Flax can also help us fight those awful “blues”. So, if you are feeling tired, sad, and depressed, know that a diet high in flax can help.  Studies have shown that 2-3 tablespoons of flax daily can help up to 2/3 of depressed women bounce back within 8 weeks.

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